24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

Check out our newest pro video for Zia Rides.  Last year my wife and I signed up for the 24 hour race, we competed as a dual coed and ended up placing 3rd.  During our off-times at the race we chatted with the fine folks at Zia Rides and it turned out they wanted to make a promo video for their 2013 race which will be the location of the Nation Championships next.  Back in June I went back down to Gallup to film the event.  For more information about their event visit www.ziarides.com

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The Art of Curing Meat

We traveled to Charlottesville, VA to meet with chef Mark Gresge.  He shares his love of southern cuisine with Dhani Jones.

I edited this piece.

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Composing in the Nation’s Capital

Episode 2 of our Men’s Journal / Porsche commercial gig.  It was so much fun to hang out with the Thievery Corporation for the day.  What a great crew, super psyched on their music.

Malcolm Murray edited this piece.

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Patagonia Product Videos

Some of the other work we’ve been up to this summer.  The Patagonia product videos.
Kelly is one funny dude.

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Building Bikes in Brooklyn

These last couple months have been very fun and exciting times.  A good friend and phenomenal director (Malcolm Murray) asked if I wanted to be a part of his commercial gig.  I was excited and while he already had his DP in place Bridger Nielson (the man) he asked me to be his DIT (digital image technician).  He also asked me to be a main editor for the final pieces and being DIT would give me a head start to checking out the footage and organizing everything the way I want it organized.  We would be shooting on two Red Scarlet cameras.

I’ve never been DIT before and those of you who know the responsibility of DIT know it’s a very important part of the process.  Basically, I’m the “only guy” who can completely mess up and erase an entire day’s shoot.  That’s quite nerve racking when you think about it.  So I researched the camera a bunch and read up about the workflow and before long I was very comfortable with the camera.

With former football player Dhani Jones we are going to shoot a total of 7 days each in a different location.  Quite the busy schedule. I will post these episodes as they are first released on the Mens Journal website.  Visit their website for more info. www.mensjournal.com

Here is Episode 1 of 7.  Ethan Mitchell with The Whitehouse Post edited this piece.

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